Timber Harvesting

Cardin Forest Products has a team of foresters dedicated to enhancing long term timber sustainability on the land that we harvest.  We procure all of our material from legal and well managed sources, principally within Tennessee, northern Georgia, and northern Alabama.  We understand the importance of proper resource management practices, and are fully committed to doing things correctly both in and out of the woods.

Cardin purchases approximately 11/MMBF of logs per year and 5/MMBF of that is standing timber.  We work directly with land owners and come up with personally addressed harvesting strategies and all of our logging contractors carry worker’s compensation insurance. We continually buy standing timber and market logs, and our procurement team is always available to discuss timber sales. Feel free to contact our foresters any time!

Email or call (423) 837-4041 to set up an appointment to discuss. We look forward to working with you.

Customer Testimonials

"We have been working with Cardin for many years now, and always professional. Would recommend them to anyone looking to sell some timber"

Satisfied Customer