Our Company

Drew, Jarrod, and Kyle

Cardin Forest Products is a family legacy, currently owned and operated by Mike and Ruth Cardin and their sons, Jarrod Cardin, Drew Carver and Kyle Carver.  Every member of this family, past and present plays an important role in the success and growth of the business.


Our staff works extremely hard to answer all your questions and to promptly meet your lumber needs.  We take pride in caring for our consumer’s needs and making sure they have the best quality lumber we have to offer so they come back time and time again


Cardin Forest Products history began in 1936 when Bill Cardin started a mobile mill in the Appalachian region.  In the early 1970s his mill became stationary in South Pittsburg, TN. In 1989 his son, Mike Cardin, and his wife Ruth purchased the business and established Cardin Forest Products LLC.  At that time the mill employed five people and produced 8,000 board feet of lumber per day but quickly increased.  

In 1999 the decision to convert from the circle saw to band mill led to the construction of the new mill on 113 acres which began operation in 2002. The conversion over to a band saw mill, the new construction, and the addition of the most modern technology has increased production to over 100,000 board feet of lumber per day.  This has allowed for more job opportunities and propelled Cardin Forest Products to one of the top ranking hardwood producers in the United States. 

Early 2015, the addition of six new computerized 80,000 board feet dry kilns opened the business to customers worldwide. Production is at a company high, and growing exponentially. The dry kilns have broadened the consumer base, providing lumber to be exported worldwide. This rapid growth recently has led to the installment of two additional 80,000 board feet kilns in 2016.